For Writers

The following books, blogs, and internet sites are excellent resources for writers.


  1. “Idiot’s Guide to Writing Christian Fiction” by Ron Benrey
  2. “Christian Writers Market Guide- 2014” by Jerry Jenkins
  3. “Elements of Style” by William Strunk and E.B. White
  4. “The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing” by the editors of Writers Digest
  5. “Plot and Structure” by James Scott Bell
  6. “Writing the Breakout Novel” by Donald Maass
  7. Books by Susan May Warren from My Book Therapy: “Deep and Wide” and “Kiss and Tell”

Web Sites

  • American Christian Fiction Writers – A fabulous organization for writers of all levels.
  • Writers Digest A great website by the creators of the magazine of the same name.
  • My Book Therapy A wonderful coaching and a blog featuring many published authors. The creator, Susan May Warren is one of the best teachers on the craft.
  • Jody Hedlund  One of my favorite blogs by one of my favorite authors. I’ve been following Jody’s blog for years.
  • Books and Such Literary Agency – Written by some of the best in the industry, my own agent Rachel Kent blogs there once a week.
  • Michael Hyatt –  Resources for building your platform as an author. Also books on creating proposals and other social media information.

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